About the Creators

miciah dodge, author

Miciah is a piano, voice, and drama teacher by day, but by night…he’s tired, let’s be honest. But! Also by day he enjoys creating all kinds of things: board games, role playing games, and this lovely collection of poems for children and their adults. He has a wonderful wife and two charming boys, 12 and 15, who gave him the idea for this book years ago. He noticed that, though the boys vehemently denied any culpability, still their shoes were missing; or their rooms were messy; or they couldn’t find a matching sock! But if they were telling the truth, then someone else must have been to blame, and that someone must be the Car Key Gnomes…and other household pests.

danie plott, artist

Danie lives in Austin TX with her husband and 4 four-legged children. She enjoys dabbling in art of all kinds, and takes her craft very seriously. In fact, she spent weeks in the wilds of the Dodge family home capturing these images of household pests in their natural habitats. Danie also enjoys cooking, hosting parties, hiking, camping and other various outdoor activities.

Car Key Gnomes and Other Household Pests Copyright 2017 by Miciah Dodge and Danie Plott, all rights reserved. All images, characters, and content are the exclusive intellectual property of Miciah Dodge and Danie Plott, and may not be copied, distributed, or used in any manner without express consent of the copyright holders.