A Dazzling Start!

The Kickstarter for Car Key Gnomes and Other Household Pests launched yesterday, April 1st, and within 24 hours funded 66%! 2/3 of the funding we need is already here, and that is dazzling; remarkable; astounding! Moreover, it’s quite humbling.

When you put yourself out there, open yourself up to the possibility of failure–especially in such a public forum–it’s incredibly daunting. I’ve fretted over this project for the past month: wondering if anyone would care, if it would flop, if I’d have to tuck my tail and leave. Being vulnerable, especially in view of friends and family and the whole world, is terrifying and difficult. BUT…

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right? That’s how that goes, I think. This is the challenge in life: that there is no reward without risk. If you never put yourself out there, you’ll never be hurt…but you’ll never achieve what you want, either. Fortunately, Danie and I are extremely blessed with a support network of amazing friends and family. Though the book itself is fantastic and deserves printing, we are only in this position because we have the support of so many wonderful people. We are blessed and grateful.

68% as of 10am today and climbing. What a gift. Thank you to all who backed already, and if you haven’t but are considering it, please check out the Kickstarter because it’s really cool!

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