The Magic of Reviews

Definitely the hardest part of publishing a book is not the writing, nor the printing, nor the logistics of shipping; instead, it’s getting the word out so that people will buy it! This has always been my Achilles Heel in creative projects: marketing. I’m just not a marketer at heart. Fortunately, there exists a magic on the internet that takes the form of reviews!

When I started this Kickstarter project, I thought of a handful of my favorite parenting blogs. Some of them I read for tips to be a better parent and others to share in the collective comedy and tragedy of the parenting adventure. Regardless of the message, I really enjoy the writing of these blogs, for different reasons, and thought, maybe they’d be willing to help with the project. It turns out, to my great excitement, they are!

I asked the authors of these favorite blogs if they would be willing to read Car Key Gnomes and Other Household Pests and review them on their blog–and a few of them said yes! Yay! It’s one thing to send out a Facebook ad to tens of thousands of random people who may or may not like what you’re trying to show them; it’s another to have your book shown to a relatively small number of like-minded people who share the journey you’re on and are genuinely interested in the book itself. Therefore I’m thrilled to have our book featured in a couple blogs:

Karen Du Toit manages the blog MomAgain@40 and it’s filled with great anecdotes of the parenting experience. She wrote a lovely review the other day and I love the fact that she enjoyed the book enough to feature it. “I WANT IT as a coffee table exhibit,” says Karen; so do I!

SJ Valdez writes All-Around Pinay Mama and has lots of really cool, different recipes, as well as tips and stories. Just today she wrote us a sweet review of the book! “Car Key Gnomes …and other household pests” teaches the family about growing up and the fascination of appreciating good memories instead of wallowing in misery.”

A huge thank you to both ladies is in order; I hope your readers enjoy the book as much as you did! And if you get a chance, check out their blogs, they’re great!

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